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Today the men’s choir is composed of more than 50 brothers. There is also one sister who serves as an accompanist on the piano. The choir takes an active part in the conduct of worship in the local church and serves as a blessing. Besides that, during it’s service, with God’s help the choir has visited a number of Slavic churches in the city of Sacramento as well as a few Slavic churches in different cities in the state of Washington. How did the men’s choir come to be? Let’s take a look through the pages of history.

With the opening of immigration in the late 80s, countless Slavic people began to inhabit the United States of America. For many, California, particularly the city of Sacramento, became their home. Here began the formation of many Slavic churches, and with the constant arrival of more immigrants, these churches grew. Among them was Slavic Trinity Church. By mid­ 2000s the church already had several choirs which glorified God with their singing.

In 2004, through a dream, God gave Olexandr Muzichuk the desire to organize a men’s singing group. A strong desire and good organization skills allowed for this to quickly happen. In the beginning this was just a small group with a few brothers who were ready to sing praises of the Lord. This group was involved not only in their local church but in nearby Sacramento churches as well. Time passed, and this small group grew into a large group of brothers who sang beautifully and harmoniously. Then the senior pastor, Victor Vronskiy, proposed the idea to increase the number of members in the group to form a choir. The proposal was accepted and implemented and in 2010 a men’s choir was established in Slavic Trinity Church. It was later named “Song of Praise”. The choir consisted of a number of brothers who were conductors and had experience working with choirs back home from where they came. Each of them contributed what they knew to the development of the choir. But soon the question arose to choose a brother who would be in charge, and thus, this year, by voting, Konstantin Shibisty was chosen as the senior choir conductor. A group of brothers who serve as conductors are a blessing to the choir. Such brothers as Alexander Sidorchuk, Aleksey Chernega, Pavel Sagan, and Vitaliy Tkachuk play an active role in the growth of the choir and constantly teaching new hymns. The repertoire accounts to nearly 100 hymns on various subjects of christian life and is continuously growing.

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